Faryah Saeed
Assistant Manager-Projects and Government Advisory
The Citizens Foundation

“I graduated from NEDUET, Development Studies Programme in the year 2018 and pursued my M.Phil. in Management Science from BUKC. Luckily, I was among those students who got an job offer letter before the completion of the bachelors degree. I started my career at Shehri-CBE as a research assistant where I was part of the international project “sustainable urban mobility.” I joined TCF in 2019, as "Senior Officer- Research and Evaluation”. 
I still remember the words of the former HOD “we are offering this position to you because of the skill sets that we didn’t get from other candidates” and those skills sets were, understanding of community and people, community outreach, communication skills, in-depth primary research, analytical thinking, people-centric workability and working with direct beneficiaries on the ground. Today after almost 3 years at TCF I still appreciate the teachings and basic understanding taught to me at Development Studies Programme. Along with a full time job I am also a visiting faculty at NEDUET and serve my time voluntarily with NVP and PGF as head of training. DS helps me to broaden my horizon, think about inclusion and diversity, work for people with people, enhance my ability to learn more, induce analytical thinking, and empower me as an individual.”

Ali Ashar
Research Associate 
Institute of historical and Social Research

“The Development Studies program at Ned University also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career and personal life. Through lectures and sessions with incredibly supportive classmates, and professors who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover a voice I didn’t know I had. That voice has played a central role in my work.
My traits have been shaped in part by the collegial and creative yet rigorous environment at NED City Campus. I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a successful communications consulting practice, and eventually find a rewarding career in an independent research institute. In my current role as a Research Associate at the Institute of historical and Social Research, I work with eminent historians, sociologists, and researchers. After graduating, my various work and volunteer experiences had tremendously benefitted from the classroom knowledge, projects and other students’ engagements from student life at Ned University. It was a wonderful time in my life and the best educational experience.”

Iqra Gulzar
(Gold Medalist, 2015)
MPhil Scholar
the Assistant Research Coordinator at the National Organization for Working Communities (NOWCommunities)
“ I am one of the students who signed there job contract even before the completion of my degree. I joined my first job with in one month of the completion of my bachelors  program.
This kind of success only became possible because of what we were taught. The program of Development Studies is a multidisciplinary program which is designed by the experts development Practitioners and usually taught by the same. The program is designed in a way which provides the learners with the insight to the global development practices, their implications at local levels, and the local context, at length. 
I am working at NOWCommunities for one and a half year. Earlier I was involved with the Government of Balochistan for the Development work across the sea. Even before that I have been working in a not for profit organization from education sector. All of this work, which I have been doing is an extension of  what we have learned in Development Studies program. Honestly, the Development Studies program only made me able to stand at such pivotal positions where I can use my knowledge and learnings as per the need and requirements if the context. All if the work that I have been doing professionally and voluntarily is a direct reflection of what I have studied in the Development Studies program that is being taught in the NED University of Engineering and Technology. The education has polished me in a way and engrained the traits in me such as passion, compassion, open mindedness, insightfulness, empathy, persistence, and perseverance, which I believe are the key requirements to work as a Development Practitioner in Pakistan. I am really proud of my work that I'm doing and even happy that I was able I complete the program if Development Studies which basically made the foundation of who I am today.”