The Department of Architecture and Planning at NED University of Engineering and Technology has had the rich tradition of organizing workshops for various objectives, aimed at targeting design learning objectives for students and faculty. Design workshops have been interinstitutional collaborations between architecture institutes as well as in house workshops that have involved experts and professionals who share their knowledge through lectures and studio mentoring. The following are some documented samples with details.


Collaborative Workshops for Design Studio:

Workshops conducted in design studios as collaborations between architecture institutes and/ or with experts are included in this category. These have included in particular hands-on approaches to design and construction, using local materials. This has helped students gain understanding of working with local materials, their design opportunities and limitations. Two design studio workshops are shared here:

  • Rivayati Hunar Workshop, 2nd year design studio workshop organized by Architect and Faculty Farida Ghaffar in November 2015, involving expert Ar Habibullah.
  • Into the Nature Workshop organized as a collaboration between Hazara University and NED University, architecture departments involving 2nd year faculty from both institutes.


History Group Workshops: The History Group, a group formed by the history teaching faculty at the DAP NED has been consistently organizing workshops on topics around Islamic Geometry and Architecture. Click to look at the details of the various workshops that have been organized by the Group over the past decades.


Faculty Development Workshops: At the DAP-NED, the Design Studio Group (DSG) has previously organized in house workshops and discussions with educationists on various topics in relation to design studio teaching. Recently, under the UNESCO Chair’s visions and objectives of creating forums for faculty interactions and discussions on design education, the department organized Faculty Development Workshop inviting faculty from institutes all over the province to participate and deliberate over key theme. Click on the following to see details.

  • Faculty Development Workshop led by UNESCO Chair, October 2022