Workshops on Geometry, Traditional Architecture organised by History Group

One of the main legacies of HG is the series of Islamic architecture workshops that have been conducted 8 times in the past 12 years of HG successfully by Taimoor Khan Mumtaz, a renowned practicing architect from Lahore. 

These workshops are targeted to inculcate appreciation of rich Islamic built heritage of the country. They encourage hands on learning and are intensive in nature. Participants are exposed to use of traditional tools, creating geometric patterns and executing full scale murals. Focused site visits to earlier and contemporary projects that show conscious use of geometry in their design and decorative program are conducted as per program. 

Regular public lectures are held during the tenure of workshop on specified topics. These are directed to cater to a larger audience who are unable to attend the workshop due to its limited capacity. Since its inception these workshops have gained unprecedented degree of momentum and are the most awaited doing of the year in the department. 

NED alumni working as faculty at other schools have initiated similar activity at their respective institutions due to the inherent benefits of this venture. I would like to take this honor to mention that HG has been the pioneer to establish this workshop format and which is now conducted not only in our institutions nationwide but also internationally. 

The result of the Workshops is enormous, the participants as well as the audience have improved their sense of proportions and geometry and they have developed an appreciation for our rich cultural and architectural heritage.


1st History Group WorkshopSearch of the Time-less  in Architecture-   Geometrical Proportioning in Traditional Architecture  of Pakistan

2nd History Group WorkshopUnderstanding Philosophy & Expressions Of Islamic Architecture

3rd History Group WorkshopPracticing Islamic Architecture

4th History Group WorkshopTaj  Mahal - In search of the essence of its beauty Geometrical Proportioning in Mughal Architecture

5th History Group WorkshopInquiry Into Design Methods Used In Mughal Architecture  A Case Of Shah jehan Mosque Thatta

6th History Group WorkshopGeometry in Design

7th History Group Workshop “ Geometry in Design- Geometric Patterns, Vocabulary and Proportioning

8th History Group Workshop Geometry in Design – In the Footsteps of  the Masters

9th History Group Workshop  Geometry in Design –Spatial Explorations in Tensile and Ribbed Dome structures